5 Simple Rules for Making a Profit on HKN in 2018

5 Simple Rules for Making a Profit on HKN in 2018

At this very moment, the Hacken Team is diligently developing new products and working hard on listing HKN on other major exchanges. Meanwhile, we’d like to present you with a guide on how you can become more successful and wealthier with Hacken. We’ve put together 5 simple rules by which, you’ll be able to make a significant profit on HKN in 2018.

1) Believe in HKN, but trade in it too (HKN/BTC; HKN/ETH).

Keep in mind that holding a coin isn’t a good strategy for earning money on trading. Consider BTC as an example. The main idea is that you should sell it when the price is high and buy when it’s low. It increases the volume of trade and liquidity. The higher liquidity is the rapidly a price of HKN increases. High trade volume makes HKN a more prominent coin, which will definitely help us list it on the most popular exchanges. Besides, by following this strategy, you will earn a vastly larger sum of money than by holding a coin.

2) Contribute to the development of HKN to build a community of the BEST Investors.

Each of us will win if the price of HKN increases. So, we should promote it by all possible means among the crypto networks to make the HKN community wider and stronger. It means participating in tests of our products, involvement in various HKN events, sharing news about our project to attract newcomers to join and so on. The more we contribute, the more we have!

3) Speak less, trade more.

Recently, many members of the HKN community have been complaining about Yobit and asked us to list HKN on other exchanges. Listing on famous exchanges is one of our main goals. However, you should note that to achieve this objective, we (the HKN community) have to increase the trade volume of HKN on Yobit to at least 5 BTC per day. In this way, we will be able to list HKN on any exchange we want in a quicker manner. For example, if you traded HKN each time when you were going to discuss something in our channels, you would definitely earn more on the token. Talk is cheap but actions make money. Here are our main trading pairs on Yobit HKN/BTC; HKN/ETH.

4) Invite a friend to grow and earn together.

5 Simple Rules for Making a Profit on HKN in 2018

It’s not a secret that the broader the community is, the greater benefits we all get. In addition, words and promises don’t build a community, but people do. So, we suggest that each of you invites your best crypto-buddies to the HKN community to develop and become wealthier together. Now, each of you can affect the development of the HKN network around the world.

5) Follow us on our activities.

In the future, we’ll arrange various events and contests to entertain you and develop the HKN community. If each of us takes part in such events, it will be more effective and interesting. The involvement of every single investor really matters. Together we will change the world. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

6) Help us make good decisions with your advice.

We really appreciate your support and good pieces of advice. But you should note that wrong and goofy recommendations also affect HKN. They can harm our project as well as the token. So, it would be helpful if you could share your best ideas with us in the proper manner via the Google Table, and the Telegram channel of Yobit chat to facilitate the development of HKN.

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