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6 easy steps to buy custom-tailored cryptocurrency for white hats?

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6 easy steps to buy custom-tailored cryptocurrency for white hats?



You have been waiting for this moment, and finally today you can easily buy HKNs directly from the Hacken’s main webpage.

Hacken Ecosystem is a tokenized environment where all payments and transactions are conducted via HKN - a cybersecurity utility token designed for white hat hackers. The token  ensures the decentralization of the ecosystem among members of the community.With HKN you can order various cybersecurity services and countermeasures to cybercrime. It is the only payment method inside the Hacken Ecosystem.

In April, Paytomat announced a partnership  with Hacken. We conducted penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of their IT architecture and helped to deflect phishing attacks during their token sale.

It has been two months since, and we are pleased to announce another aspect of our strategic cooperation: Paytomat allows to easily exchange crypto assets to HKNs. The exchanger will ensure safe operation of the Hacken Ecosystem and will add enormous value to the HKN token.

Here's how you can buy custom-tailored cryptocurrency for white hats

  1. Go to Hacken main webpage or follow the link https://hacken.io/
  2. Press the button BUY and choose buy HKN here. The button is located in the middle of the upper part of the home page
  3. Type the amount of HKNs you need
  4. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to pay with
  5. Insert your Ethereum Address
  6. Check your HKN balance on any ERC20 compatible wallet

From now on it will be easier for you to purchase HKN tokens, as well as our clients and supporters. Go buy HKNs and find you white hat hacker job on HackenProof!



Hacken Ecosystem

It’s a community-driven business organization, consisting of HackenHub, HackIT cybersecurity conference, HackenProof bug bounty platform, and Crypto Exchange Ranks.

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