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How white hats protect businesses against cyber crimes.

Hacken partners TTC Protocol to Build a Secure Blockchain and Protect Customer Data

  In 2016, Yahoo! announced a massive data breach which affected around 500 million user accounts. The same year, hackers attacked Uber exposing data of 20 million users. In about a year, both companies started a bug bounty program to reveal their security flaws. Learning from other companies’ mistakes, TTC Protocol decided to ensure the protection of their users at early stages and part...

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Blockchain for Dummies: A Simple Guide to the Essence of Blockchain Technology

  What’s all the fuss over the skyrocketing prices for BTCs that jump up and down every day? Why do more and more people wish they had just one BTC? Why are companies which mention blockchain in their business agenda suddenly worth 400% more than they used to be? Some think the crypto world is a new mystery that we need to solve in order to have a better future; some are afraid that the ...

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ICO Tips: how not to be a scam

  ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have become an extremely popular method of raising funds, especially for start-ups companies. However, in 2017, about half of the ICO projects failed or were terminated. To avoid mistakes and achieve success in ICO projects it is necessary to use the growing experience accumulated in the cryptocurrency community. The tips in this article represent some of ...

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Summer Report 2018

  Continued progress requires analysis of our previous achievements to see what we need to stick to, as well as what we need to improve. When putting summer 2018 into a review, it becomes clear that it was a productive period for us and that we are on the verge of great things. The most notable achievements of this summer are covered in our Hacken Summer Report 2018. Quick Facts Essentia...

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