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How white hats protect businesses against cyber crimes.

Category: Success Story

Case study: Hacken performed a security analysis of CODEX

Company name: CODEX Company description: CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets, built on vanguard security infrastructure and revolutionary reward system. Service: Web application security assessment. “Any financial business includes risk and security management, which is especially important when it comes to the means of our users. Those who do not s...

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Category: Company News

Hacken Development Update, February 2019

Welcome to our February 2019 update! The last month was full of exciting and important events and we’re happy to recall all of them. Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) CER mobile version went live and now users can enjoy CER’s analytics through their smartphones. We busted another newcomer, Bitmax, in our latest research. Young crypto exchanges keep stepping on the same rake! CER Youtube channe...

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Case study: Hacken performed security analysis of Ambrosus

Company name: Ambrosus Company description: Ambrosus is a Blockchain and IoT Ecosystem, built for industrial data management. Service: Blockchain security review and penetration testing“We appreciated the quality of work done by the Hacken team. They were professional, and thorough in their audit, and allowed us to get a third party perspective on the security of AMB-NET and its accompan...

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Category: Company News

AMA Session with Hacken CEO: Crypto Questions

On January we held AskMeAnything session with our CEO, Dmytro Budorin. The main stake of questions was dedicated to tokens and development in the crypto industry. In addition, Dmytro shared his opinion on CER monetization, present clients from traditional IT, and business model during the bearish market.  What are the marketing strategies for HKN token promotion? There are few techniques...

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