Daydreaming about the Future

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Daydreaming about the Future

Hacken and our services in 2030

you have ever been interested in classic science fiction

If you have ever been interested in classic science fiction, you can probably recall the intrepid visions of a future of humankind that the writers like Isaac Asimov or Robert Heinlein had in mind. They stated that human beings would create technologies that would be similar to magic and explore new worlds.

Some of them turned out to be the real prophets, as their brave fantasies suddenly became real. The electric submarine of Jules Verne was built in the twentieth century, Hugo Gernsback was talking about solar power much earlier than it was used, and the cyberspace and computer hackers described by William Gibson are critically topical nowadays despite they initially were only in his imagination. Hacken decided to dream for a while about the next decade which will probably bring major technological changes and make the company advance its methods of cyber protection.

The robots are everywhere!

Development of the artificial intelligence is actively conducted nowadays, and it’s possible to observe the first real results in this sphere on the example of the humanoid robot Sophia. Although she is rather slow and complicated, in the aspect of functioning today, soon her mind is promised to be advanced so much that people will have a chance to talk to her about anything. What is most promising, Sophia will not stay alone for long, the production of smart robots tends to grow, and they will actively participate in the studies and experiments conducted by NASA.

Robots are created to perform a lot of responsible work, but to allow people to feel safe next to them, it’s necessary to take care of the cybersecurity. If we recall the film Metropolis (1927), it is possible to notice how the robot who programed in a malevolent way almost destroyed the world. Maria, the female robot, initiated the rebel and brought major destructions in the city because her creator had mean intentions while creating it. In the future, Hacken will be involved in the protection of the world from the evil robots not to allow such Marias do a lot of harm.

Genes Hacking

Genes Hacking

Editing of the human genome, cloning, and performing other related activities has always been treated in a controversial way by people. For some of them, it used to be not acceptable, but the future now is really close, and such perspectives finally became real, and it will allow dealing with the numerous diseases that have been deadly for human beings for centuries. In the beginning of this year, the world was amazed that Chinese scientists successfully cloned two monkeys. For Hacken, such perspective will allow creating a real army aimed to protect cyberspace all over the world by cloning white hat hackers and making them perfectly skilled and smart.

Who runs the house?

In the near future, the majority of our daily home activities that consume so much time will be performed by smart houses. The owners of such house will not have to do the majority of the routine like turning on the light, closing the windows, and checking the door locks. At the same time, it will probably provide a lot of inspiration for the criminals who will be interested in hacking the smart system of house ruling and controlling it. If they receive full access to the house, they might lock the owner in it, open the safe locker, and use camera recording for blackmail. Maybe, protection of the smart houses will become one of the Hacken’s services as it will make people safe in their own homes.

Well, in this article we aimed to entertain you a bit after the hardwoking day and give some inspiration for the week ahead. However, there is a grain of truth in every joke. All in all, for Hacken, it is genuinely important not only to dream about the perfect technological future but also to participate in its creation. In this regard, we trace the progress, and we contribute to the safety of its every aspect. Robots, smart houses, cloning, and the other spheres of technological development should serve for the bright future without bringing any additional dangers to human life.

Hacken is on guard for your safety!

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