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Freaking out about the issues of car sharing? Consider the power of transparency

Freaking out about the issues of car sharing? Consider the power of transparency

Hacken forms a security partnership with HireGo

If you have ever done car sharing, you might know what to expect. The gas tank always seems to be empty, the renter can be messy, or the owner exaggerates the battery capacity, not to mention insurance question.

Recent years have seen a remarkable surge in car sharing. Despite the popularity of the service, some issues remain to be worked out. Users pursue their own interests and often neglect the cars they utilize. If you rent or own a car, would you like to enjoy car sharing benefits to the full?

Blockchain is the answer. Hacken has recently become a new cybersecurity partner of HireGo, a blockchain-based app that allows its users to seamlessly list vehicles or search for available cars. Transparency seems an obvious benefit of this scheme, but let me explain in detail.

Imagine that you planned your holidays in advance (half a year at least): you found an ideal apartment, decided on all the museums you want to visit and all the al fresco restaurants where you will drink a glass of wine in the evening, and rented a perfect cabriolet for your hypothetical Barcelona trip. Having arrived to the destination, you find out that your celestial blue cabrio is nothing more than a rusty vat.

What’s wrong with this picture (besides everything)? Lack of transparency.

Integrating the IoT and Blockchain with HireGo car sharing app opens exciting possibilities. For example, users can unlock their car by proving the ownership of a token. Businesses and communities will be able to share cars and either pay per mile or sign up for a subscription.

In turn, Hacken will ensure the normal functioning of mobile apps. We will perform penetration testing of the HireGo applications to identify any flaws in their architecture if any. Security matters, and Hacken wants people to use safe and progressive platforms only.

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