Hacken Ecosystem and Its Utility for Customers (Modern Businesses)

Hacken Ecosystem and Its Utility for Customers (Modern Businesses)

When you’re going to have a trip to some exotic country

When you’re going to have a trip to some exotic country, you’ll probably get a great impression, but it might be dangerous due to the numerous local disease. You shouldn’t cancel the trip from fear of them, it’s better to take some preventive measures, especially when you’ve already paid for the tickets. Probably the best decision will be to get some vaccinations. However, to ensure that the vaccine will act in the appropriate way, it’s necessary to know either the whole body is functioning well. If there are any issues with the immune system, the vaccine might make the situation even worse. In turn, the Hacken Ecosystem suggests a similar “diagnostics” for its prospective clients.

To be more specific, it provides the customer with a variety of approaches to protect

To be more specific, it provides the customer with a variety of approaches to protect the infospace from an outside attack by looking for the vulnerabilities in its functionality like a caring physician in the hospital. It’s impossible to conduct an operation without ultrasonography, and it’s impossible to understand how the system should be modified and protected without penetration testing. For this purpose, the creators of the Hacken Ecosystem designed several rather convenient products and projects to provide the clients with a chance to get the most precise diagnosis for the infospace within their budget.

The customers who turn to the

The customers who turn to the Hacken service are provided with everything they need to make the whole process safe and even interesting. To start, it can be achieved by utilizing the HackenProof bug bounty marketplace platform. It’s organized to make it possible for the customer to find the “one-and-only” white hat hacker, or a variety of them, who will be able to analyze his or her system or product and conduct the necessary vulnerability testing. Each of them thinks in a unique way and is able to determine unique vulnerabilities. At the same time, all of them have the same “code of ethics” that makes the cooperation safe for the client. Also, the customers of Hacken have an opportunity to adapt the service that they are willing to get to their financial opportunities. The Ecosystem is filled with freelancers who are proficient in the sphere and eager to apply their skills for a positive purpose. This fact is rather useful considering the prices of the market are constantly growing. For instance, Google could pay $3 million for a full testing, but not all young and perspective companies are able to afford that sum. The average price of a white hat hacker is about $75 per hour, and might be also rather challenging considering the fact that the testing might require a lot of time. In this regard, Hacken has also considered that the needs of the clients might not coincide with the tendencies of the market and provided them with the opportunity to choose the most acceptable option.

Next, the Cybersecurity Analytics Center is going to be created by the Ecosystem. Its scale of activity can be compared to the The World Health Organization, but it will be concentrated on dealing with these cybersecurity “health issues”. This center will conduct massive research devoted to the vulnerabilities, blockchain technologies, encrypted communication and the other aspects of the security protection. Also, the Hacken Ecosystem will have a Zero-day Platform. It signifies a remuneration fund for rewarding technology professionals who found unreported zero-day vulnerabilities.

When you have the cyber “health issues”

When you have the cyber “health issues” the primal task is to receive the full understanding about the situation, and, in this regard, the Ecosystem suggests numerous options. For instance, using HackenProof, the customer is able to have a genuine “case conference” regarding the topical state of a system. The customer places the order, and a group of professionals are assigned to work with it and to check all aspects of its cybersecurity. The number of white hat hackers is selected in accordance with the demands of the client, and access will never be opened to an extraneous person. The primary concern and focus of the Ecosystem on this stage is privacy and safety of all the participants. It is ethically not acceptable for doctors to discuss the diagnosis of their patients during dinner, parties or a cigarette break. Accordingly, white hat hackers working for Hacken follow the rules of ethics that are darn close to the medical ones.

At the same time, the Ecosystem accepts the fact that they might be wrong while testing. They might miss a vulnerability, and if the client is informed about the mistake of the hackers, the case is examined by a third party to learn the truth. The security of the process and its stability is supported by smartcontracts based on the blockchain technology that makes each stage of the process fixed and protected. While testing the system, the hackers are obliged not to cause any harm. Even considering the fact that each of them has their own methods of penetration testing, they apply the VDI, VPN and PAM to check the system without making its functionality any worse.

While going to any exotic and/or unknown country

While going to any exotic and/or unknown country, it’s better to vaccinate after a careful diagnostics test of the system. If you’re motivated by a lack of money to avoid this stage of preparation, be ready to spend literally ten times more on dealing with malaria or chlorella. The companies that are trying to save money sacrificing their cyberscurity usually pay for it twice as much down the line. In accordance with these predictions, the cost of the stolen information and money that happened because of the vulnerabilities will reach $6 trillion by 2021. It is impossible to underestimate the danger, as the black hat hackers who do not act following these ethical principles are able to receive access to any kind of information, including social security numbers, trade secrets, health data, and the more. Curing such a ‘malaria’ in advance will need more costs than the simple penetration testing conducted by the group of “faceless” white hat hackers who do not break the inner codes of their brotherhood.

The Hacken Ecosystem recommends a genuinely

The Hacken Ecosystem recommends a genuinely unique form of testing in comparison with similar services. For instance, Cobalt suggests launching the program to test the vulnerabilities automatically. At the same time, it immediately infers numerous questions. The black hat hackers are dangerous namely because of the fact that they are creative and think in an unusual way. Thus, it will not be possible for the program to define these opportunities that would probably be noticed by a real person. That’s why Hacken works with real people. The other organizations, for instance, HackerOne does not provide any information regarding the opportunity to receive money back in the case of a mistake. In fact, all related organizations avoid talking about the opportunity of mistakes, while for the Hacken Ecosystem it’s more appropriate to perceive that such a variable is possible and be honest with the clients. Finally, a lot of similar companies prefer to avoid informing about the legal issues, while for Hacken it’s critically important not only to mention it, but also to resolve it in the most effective way possible.

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