HKN WhiteList

HKN WhiteList

The more we contribute, the more we have. This principle works in every sphere of business dealing and life.

The more we contribute, the more we have. This principle works in every sphere of business dealing and life. That’s why the Hacken Team decided to reward our loyal customers by providing them with an exceptional opportunity to purchase our tokens before the main sale in a more convenient manner.

For now, each member of the Hacken community can enroll in our Token Sale WhiteList to reserve the desired amount of HKNs for purchasing before the the main stage of the crowdsale. We believe that this move will make the process more fair and convenient for those people who have supported us during the formation stage of Hacken Ecosystem, as well as share our vision and goals to the fullest extent.

In addition, we see it as our obligation to protect our investors from possible risks attributed to the token sale and unfair distribution of tokens. Previously, many successful ICO projects with transparent management employed this method to regulate the distribution of their tokens properly and in accordance with the needs of their investors. To clarify, Vitalik Buterin has already written an informative article about these threats.

The variety of risks related to the Token Sale includes the following:

  • Threat of money laundering;
  • Risk of depriving early supporters of the opportunity to access products of Hacken Ecosystem;
  • Risk of blockchain network overload;
  • Risk of centralized attack and consequent theft of the tokens;
  • Risk of distributing a large number of tokens among several holders (whales).


The successful admission to Hacken WhiteList will provide a community member with an ability to buy a specific amount of HKNs via BTC or ETH in one click. It signifies that during two weeks before the main contribution period, the approved Whitelist applicants will be able to contribute specified amounts of BTC or ETH they mentioned in the application form to get HKNs with 25% bonus in advance. Minding that the privilege will be valid only during a specified period before the token sale starts, and each applicant will be able to purchase only amount of HKNs that is mentioned in the Whitelist.

Stages of Hacken Token Sale and Related Bonuses

  • Whitelist stage.

It will last from October 24 to October 31. All investors who have enrolled in the Hacken WhiteList will be able to purchase a specified amount of HKNs via a specified cryptocurrency (ETH or BTC) during two weeks before the main sale. All accepted whitelist members will get a 25% bonus.

  • Main stage of Hacken Token Sale.

It will start on October 31. It will last for one month until the beginning of the November or before the max hard cap is reached. Now it is 19 million of HKNs. The participants of the main stage of our token sale will also get bonuses including 25% during the first 4 hours of the crowdsale, 20% during the next two days; 15% during 3–7 days; 10% during the first and second week of the Hacken Token Sale.

We strongly believe that the implementation of these rules will help us build a strong and sustainable community of investors, employees and clients who share our long-term goals and vision. By following this method, each member of the Hacken Ecosystem will gain benefits in accordance with his or her preferences and objectives.

Eventually, we recommend that you provide as much information as possible while filling in the Whitelist application form and answering our direct mails. Mind that only verified members will be able to enjoy the benefits provided by the WhiteList. So, those of you who filled out the application form should wait for a personalized email from Hacken Support to clarify all details regarding the purchasing process and amount of tokens you would like to buy. It will help us meet your needs in the most effective manner, as well as make our cooperation fruitful.

PS: If you have any question regarding the WhiteList rules, please, do not hesitate to ask it in our Telegram Chat. Also, follow our Facebook page to stay updated with the latest news and our progress. Join our thread on Bitcointalk to discuss the project with other members of our community.

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