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Hacken’s Achievements in 2017 and Future Development Direction

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Hacken’s Achievements in 2017 and Future Development Direction

As 2018 is coming upon us soon, we’d like to sum up our achievements of 2017.

It’s been a challenging and groundbreaking year for the entire crypto-community. We’ve witnessed the ups and downs of various ICO startups and cryptocurrencies. Also, there were many successful ideas, as well as colossally absurd projects, but eventually, our industry experienced significant progress and growth.

Regarding the accomplishments of Hacken, we managed to distribute 5.6M HKNs. In exchange, we received 252 BTC, 5359 ETH, and $1240.

The HKN Token

Also, we already managed to list our token (HKN) on Orderbook and Yobit.net. During two weeks of trading, the price of HKN increased by more than double. In turn, we believe that the future release of our products in 2018, as well as strong strategic partnerships with projects like CYBEX and Qbao Network, will positively affect the price of HKN.

In Q1 of 2018, we’re going to create a cybersecurity rating for crypto-exchanges to reduce the hacking threat within the crypto-industry. Then, we’ll list our token on the most secure and trusted of them.

The Hacken ICO Results and a New Roadmap

We’re happy to present detailed infographics containing the summary of our ICO results and a new roadmap, including a description of Hacken’s future strategic direction.

Here’s a more specific description of each direction:

Here’s a more specific description of each direction:

1) HackenProof (Bug Bounty Platform).

HackenProof is an innovative decentralized platform, which is aimed at providing both cybersecurity services for customers and proper working conditions for the best researchers. The core of the HackenProof platform is the ethical cooperation between highly qualified cybersecurity professionals and respectful IT businesses, which are looking for CS services.

2) ICO Anti Phishing Protection

In 2018, phishing has become one of the main techniques used by cybercriminals to steal the money of crypto-investors. That’s why Hacken started providing a full range of high-quality anti-phishing services for ICO projects. Also, we’ll be preparing some educational materials for crypto-investors to improve their awarenesses of the issue. It’ll help them protect their funds.

3) Cyber Insurance

To ensure the highest level of security and obliterate all risks associated with hacking, Hacken plans to launch cybersecurity insurance as a new business direction. In this way, we’re going to enable the founders of ICO startups and crypto-investors to regain confidence in their digital security.

4) The HKN Marketplace

We seek to create an environment where the best cybersecurity service providers will be able to find their top clients, while customers will be able to satisfy their needs in the most convenient and effective manner. The main idea is to develop a specific evaluation methodology for quality, to improve the global cybersecurity standards around the world.

5) HKN Cryptosecurity Rating (Crypto Exchanges Ratings)

In consideration of the increasing number of cases of hacking into exchanges and wallets within the crypto industry, we decided to create a custom-tailored platform for crypto exchanges to enhance the overall level of cybersecurity in the field. Hacken will provide members of the community with a complex CER analysis of the most famous and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges

The greatest gift Hacken can receive this New Year, is your support and faith in our project. From our side, we’ll do our very best to make the web, exchanges, wallets and the overall crypto-world more secure in 2018. We’ll continue encouraging the best hackers in the world to operate on the appropriate side of the firewall. Together we’ll make the world a better place!

We wish you a New Year full of accomplishments and incredible achievements, as well as earth shattering ideas!

Let the magic come true!

Hacken Ecosystem

It’s a community-driven business organization, consisting of HackenHub, HackIT cybersecurity conference, HackenProof bug bounty platform, and Crypto Exchange Ranks.

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