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Hacken’s Safe Crypto-Storing Giveaway

Hacken’s Safe Crypto-Storing Giveaway

Nowadays, there’s an increasing number of crypto investors who use cloud wallets or store their money in exchanges. But, wait: is that safe?

Many newcomers and experienced users may be unaware of the risks and security loopholes in the complicated but profitable crypto world, making them easy prey for hackers and cybercriminals. As a result, many people lose their crypto assets even if they pay attention to security. For instance, one of the most common crimes that are carried out on cryptocurrency investors is the phone-porting attack. However, all these problems can be resolved by storing crypto assets on hardware wallets, which is the most secure way to keep various cryptocurrencies and tokens.

That’s why Hacken is launching a new contest — Hacken’s Safe Crypto-Storing Giveaway! The Goal: Increasing awarenesses and promoting the values of secure crypto-storing to the crypto community.

1. The Goal of The Contest

As a cybersecurity company, Hacken seeks to ensure that our community is secured by all possible means. That’s why we launched several polls on Facebook and Twitter about the safest way to store crypto assets (link). We tried to not only collect the data, but also to increase awareness among crypto investors regarding the necessity to store their assets safely.

Also, we are going to reward the most active members of the HKN community with the original and most secure hardware wallet:

- 1st place — Trezor + Hacken t-shirt + spinner;

- 2nd — Trezor;

- 3rd — t-shirt + spinner.

The Rules

2. The Rules

Above all, the contest will last from February 15th until March 1st. To participate in it, you have to do/be the following:

1) Be 18 and older;

2) Follow this link;

3) Login/Register a Gleam.io account.

There are several ways for taking part in the contest. Some of them are mandatory, some are optional, but they also increase your odds of winning the contest. If you need some clarifications, do not hesitate to ask us via private message on Facebook and Twitter.

Winners could be determined by a single entry. Logically however, the more entries — the higher the chances!

Eventually, winners will be announced on a YouTube video after the end of the contest (March 1st).

Hacken has the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest in the event of any emergencies.


Every entry to win will be checked, and all the results will be shown publicly. Hacken reserves the right to disqualify any winner due to cheating, deleting tweets/posts/likes before the end of the contest.

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