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How Will HackenProof Marketplace help SME?

How Will HackenProof Marketplace help SME?

How HackenProof Marketplace will help SME?

Today, the global business sector has undergone the rapid development because the newest information technologies positively affect the community. To be more specific, it facilitates the appearance of new marketplaces, which significantly raises customer demand. As a result, an increasing number of small and middle-sized enterprises (SME) are established aimed at producing new IT products to meet this demand, thereby, promoting the prosperity of the community.

But unfortunately, there is also the black side of the firewall.

Nowadays, IT products developed by small and middle-sized companies are like red flags for hackers, professionals who are interested in disrupting the systems either for fun or for their own benefit. All of this is due to a lack of cybersecurity, which is an expensive cost item for SME. So, many such businesses experience Cyber Security issues that can lead to deterioration of their reputation or even bankruptcy. Meanwhile, black hackers enjoy their achievements and stay unpunished.

The complete and precise analysis of corporate systems and IT products with the aim of identifying security vulnerabilities is quite an expensive service. Therefore, small business can’t afford to conduct such practices quickly and regularly. In particular, this tendency encourages black hat hackers to attack the organizations and wreck their operations.

Bug bounty is the solution

The Hacken team launched a bug bounty platform aimed at meeting the needs of both parties: hackers and small businesses. Firstly, Hacken will drain-away young, talented and hungry hackers to the white side of the firewall. They will be motivated to bonify by an attractive compensation in the form of HKNs, a cryptocurrency that is circulating in the Hacken Ecosystem.

This comprehensive solution is a project called HackenProof. It is a bug bounty platform created by white hat hackers and the blockchain community based on the principle of fair share. That’s a platform where owners or top managers leading SME can order different types of testing of their products. The primary goal of this cooperation is providing high-quality vulnerability reports and penetration testing in the exchange of a premium fee paid to members of the community involved in the collaboration. Consequently, young and assertive hackers will get recognition and the professional advancement while SME will be able to enhance their Cyber Security levels.

It is how it works! Thus, it is evident that Hacken team identified the problem and came up with the most appropriate solution. Without a doubt, the main task of each member of the community is to contribute to the implementation of HackenProof, along with other projects introduced by theHacken Team.

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Hacken Ecosystem

It’s a community-driven business organization, consisting of the HackenHub, HackIT cybersecurity forum, HackenProof bug bounty platform, and Crypto Exchange Ranks.

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