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Interview: Hacken CMO

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Interview: Hacken CMO

This November, a new member joined Hacken Family, Igor Pertsiya, who became a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Igor is a former Head of Sales at CEX.io, cryptocurrency exchange based in London, business developer at UA Master. We decided to ask him several questions about his working experience and personal life.

Hacken CMO

What was your first working experience?

My first marketing job was in advertising; I worked as a producer’s assistant. I remember these sleepless nights brainstorming new ideas with the team to create something really cool. That was a nice experience, I learned what it’s like to be a part of the team.


Can you name your biggest win and lose in your life?

I do remember my most remarkable failure. In one of my previous occupations, I was at odds with our CMO. That was a tough period! Indeed, it’s great when the team is well-knit and works for a common goal.

My biggest win? I’m really proud that my employees are now talented and demanded specialists. I am happy that I brought my contribution to their growth and development. And I don’t plan to stop on it - my personal goal is to show that our team DOES deliver.


Why did you decide to take the position of CMO in Hacken Ecosystem?

I’ve heard about Hacken even before Dmytro offered me a position. I did my own research and concluded that this company can be the next Microsoft (in cybersecurity, I mean). Thus, it didn’t take me long to accept the offer as I believe in Hacken.


For those, who aren’t too familiar, what will you be doing in Hacken Ecosystem as a CMO?

Being a CMO, I have 3 clear goals:

  • attract more clients;

  • guide marketing operations;

  • motivate and develop my department.


Everyone is a hacker, in some way. What/How would you like to hack?

I have a lifehack how to eavesdrop with AirPods. Questions in PM :)  


What do you do apart of professional activities? What are your hobbies?

Nothing special though there are old good activities: gym and traveling. Watching American football is a good option for a cozy evening. Recently I also started playing squash and I looove it!


Describe your 2019 plans in 5 words.

Let it be: money, Hacken community, loyalty, traveling.


Hacken Ecosystem

It’s a community-driven business organization, consisting of HackenHub, HackIT cybersecurity conference, HackenProof bug bounty platform, and Crypto Exchange Ranks.

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