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Listing Alert: EOSHKN to be Listed on CODEX

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Listing Alert: EOSHKN to be Listed on CODEX

We at Hacken are excited to announce our confirmed listing of EOSHKN on CODEX!


After EOS Airdrop is finalized and EOSHKN tokens are distributed, you will be able to buy and sell the tokens on CODEX. The platform has popular trading pairs such as BTC, ETH, and USDT, so you can deposit a diverse range of different tokens, including EOSHKN without problems.

The transactions that you make also have a small fee of that you need to pay in order to complete the transaction (0% fee for deposit and up to 0.05% maker\taker trading fee).

CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets with an innovative reward system.

  • For trading and keeping exchange’s token CDX, you get daily bounties in a form of various cryptocurrencies every day.
  • CDX tokens are granted to the users simply for trading on CODEX. 1,000,000 CDX tokens are proportionally distributed to all traders every day.
  • CODEX ambassadors receive up to 40% of trading fees received from invited users.

As we have said, EOSHKN is already listed on CODEX and new listings will come soon! We appreciate that our project was noticed and that a number of exchanges want to list our EOS token. Thus, as soon as you receive Hacken Aidrop go ahead and trade on CODEX!

Follow Hacken and future announcements about exchange listings in our Telegram Channel.EOSHKN is the alternative payment method within the Hacken Ecosystem designed especially for EOS projects.

Also join the discussions in our Telegram Chat.

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