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Mcafee Joined the Hacken’s Revolution!

Mcafee Joined the Hacken’s Revolution!

John Mcafee

Cybersecurity revolution is gathering speed and ensuring the defense. It has evolved from the small movement driven by the reckless dreamers and ethical hackers, it turned into the genuine revolution in the helm of which is the Ukrainian TGE startup, Hacken Ecosystem. Recently, on the 15th of November, John Mcafee made the decision to join the company, as he plans to facilitate the development of the industry and considered Hacken to be the most promising in this regard. Like Midas who turned everything he touched into gold, Mcafee is able to make everything he deals with greater, and it is obvious that his strategies will work in this case. Taking into consideration that he did not join the cyber revolution sparked by Hacken at the very beginning, he began cooperation with Hacken with a rather interesting initiative.

Thanksgiving Gift from Mcafee

To make up for being late, John Mcafee will launch thanksgiving gift for his followers and other right-minded people during the Black Friday weekend. It means a set of bonuses to HKN Token Sale starting from 20% bonus, which will last from at 8:00 am UTC on Friday, November 24 to 22:00 UTC on Sunday, 27 November.

During the extended bonus weekend our forthcoming community members will be able to join the Hacken Ecosystem and buy HKNs with a discount. The discounts will be distributed in the following manner:

Bonus Structure

20% Bonus - November 24, 04:00–07:59 UTC

19% Bonus - November 24, 08:00–11:59 UTC

18% Bonus - November 24, 12:00–15:59 UTC

17% Bonus - November 24, 16:00–19:59 UTC

16% Bonus - November 24, 20:00–23:59 UTC

15% Bonus - November 25, 00:00–03:59 UTC

14% Bonus - November 25, 04:00–07:59 UTC

13% Bonus - November 25, 08:00–11:59 UTC

12% Bonus - November 25, 12:00–15:59 UTC

11% Bonus - November 25, 16:00–19:59 UTC

10% Bonus - November 25, 20:00–23:59 UTC

9% Bonus - November 26, 00:00–03:59 UTC

8% Bonus - November 26, 04:00–07:59 UTC

6% Bonus - November 26, 08:00–11:59 UTC

4% Bonus - November 26, 12:00–15:59 UTC

2% Bonus - November 26, 16:00–19:59 UTC

1% Bonus - November 26, 20:00–23:59 UTC

The bonus weekend will be the culmination of the Haken Token Sale, which is scheduled to end on November 30, 2017. We developed the extended bonus weekend in cooperation with John McAfee to accommodate his supporters and fans. We also would like to make this Thanksgiving Weekend, which is very special for our project, even more thankful and more giving.

Mcafee’s Achievements

Mcafee’s Achievements

Who is John Galt? To begin with, let’s see who is this legend, John Mcafee. Probably, his name seemed to be familiar to you, moreover, you might have seen it on the screen of your computer recently. He was a pioneer in creating the programs aimed to protect data and programs on your PC from the viruses. McaFee created antiviral software, thus, he was involved in active protection of the personal information and data even before it has turned into the cybersecurity revolution. His software formed a basis for the cybersecurity development. He made millions from antiviral software in the 1980s and later sold it to Intel for $100 millions, this “Midas” can find a genuinely advanced technology and make both a profit and advantage for the society from it. Considering a rather promising blockchain technologies that are currently used by Hacken, participation of Mcafee in the development of this startup will encourage rising of the common cybersecurity standards in the nearest time. The blockchain technologies now are new and rather promising, nobody has still utilized them in the most productive way, and there is a big chance that cooperation between Mcafee and Hacken will become “one-and-only” in this sphere.

Why Mcafee Believes in Hacken?

Why Mcafee Believes in Hacken?

To understand the scale of the perspectives that became real after Mcafee decided to cooperate with Hacken, let’s evaluate the significance of the blockchain technology. In the world where any information encrypted in the traditional way can be hacked, this technology gives a chance to protect it by separating into the tiny blocks. Each one is protected in the unique way and demands permission for the access. They are connected to each other, but hacking one of them will not provide the black hat hacker with any benefit. The implementation of blockchain technology in the cybersecurity sphere means protecting the data in the most advanced way by giving it a bulletproof vest. Making the best of the applied technologies, Mcafee also is going to attract and motivate the investors and clients by special bonus to Hacken Token Sale, and it means that buying the cryptocurrency will be even more profitable.

Consequently, the Ukrainian startup, Hacken, in cooperation with John Mcafee will facilitate the development of cybersecurity sphere. Probably, courage and rush of the project appealed to the Mcafee’s personal approach, and he decided to give the young startup with the business tips. The common goal — to deal with the cybercrime — united the Ecosystem and Mcafee, and the results of their cooperation after full utilization of the bloackchain potential might be rather promising for the whole cybersecurity sphere.

Hacken Ecosystem

It’s a community-driven business organization, consisting of HackenHub, HackIT cybersecurity conference, HackenProof bug bounty platform, and Crypto Exchange Ranks.

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