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Category: Company News

Hacken + Sentinel Protocol

The recent partnership between a leading South Korean cybersecurity specialist — Sentinel Protocol and Hacken was born from a mutual desire to provide the highest level of cybersecurity protection for their products and services. The issues addressed during the roundtable discussion, at the recent HackIt 4.0 Cybersecurity Conference, organized by Hacken, regarding the lack of security an...

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HackIt 4.0: Must-Visit Cybersecurity Conference

  During its three-year existence, HackIT has grown in scale and significance! Not only has it moved to the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, but also evolved into even greater and multi-formatted organization. HackIT 4.0 included four days of the conference, a bug bounty marathon known as Hacken Cup, Attack Day and Defense Day, a series of roundtable discussions, and spent one day traveling to ...

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Category: Company News

An Interview with Bob Diachenko, Hacken's Director of Cyber Risk Research

This week, on October 1st, Hacken welcomed our new Director of Cyber Risk Research, Bob Diachenko, to the ranks. Bob has a long history of working in public relations and product communications with a proven track of record in infosec. Previously he served as Head of Communications at Kromtech Alliance Corp. We sat down with Bob to chat about his views on the current state of the cyberse...

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Case study: Hacken audited smart contract of PumaPay

  Company Name: PumaPay Service: Smart Contract Audit Time: NDA "Since the day we had started development of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol, we knew that security would always be our top priority. We chose Hacken as one of our security partners for the audit and were impressed by their professionalism and expertise in the field. Their team goes into every detail, and we appreciated the...

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