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How white hats protect businesses against cyber crimes.

White Hat Hackers helped well-known Crypto Exchanges eliminate a Critical Vulnerability

On May 22, 2018, one of Hacken’s own advisors Oleksii Matiiasevych helped to prevent a massive crisis in a great crypto marketplace? He personally saved $1.5 million during the Parity wallet vulnerability exploit. Recently, he proved his white hat again by identifying a vulnerability that 8 top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges were susceptible to. A few weeks ago, it was reported that that...

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3 Areas of your ICO project which may be vulnerable to phishing attacks

Imagine preparing for a year, until finally launching an ICO, only for a cyber fraudster to ruin everything in a matter of a few minutes. Indeed, with the thrill that follows every blockchain and ICO project, comes a customized cyber attack trying to divert Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other cryptocurrency involved. Every blockchain startup and every investor is cunningly targeted, and the...

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What is the best trading platform?

The launch of Cryptocurrency Exchange Ranks powered by Hacken It’s never too late to get invested in cryptocurrencies. However, the threats posed by hackers, the high withdrawal fees, and many other crucial factors can hamper the process. With more than 180 operating trading platforms, there are a lot of choices available, but the selection should be made after weighing parameters like l...

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A Cryptoenthusiast Guide to Top Asian Blockchain Conferences

Huh! This spring promises to be really hot! Our CEO, Dmytro Budorin, doesn’t stand still and has a tense schedule working on the promotion of Hacken’s services and looking for new strategic partners and clients! We indulge in sharing with you top Asian conferences and summits that Hacken Team inspirer is going to attend and give speeches on. So, the list! The two-day conference called TO...

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