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How white hats protect businesses against cyber crimes.

Category: Education

Top 8 ICO Scams

Even though ICOs are a comparatively recent phenomenon, they are one of the top-priority topics when it comes to the blockchain. Initial Coin Offering is a great fundraising mechanism for new projects; however, today it comes to decay as it has always brought up a hot discussion on whether it is simply a scam, a so-called bubble, or a progressive way to raise funds for unique ideas. We w...

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How Sensitive is Your Non-Sensitive Data

In today’s digital world keeping private data like emails, phone numbers, names, addresses or IPs secure from theft or vulnerability is not as easy as putting a lock on a door. With the ability to share, store and transmit sensitive data across computer systems we have created another problem. Even taking all the precautions doesn’t guarantee the safety of your personal information. Ther...

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More than just a Data Breach: a Democratic Fundraising Firm Exposure

On October 17, a member of Hacken cyber risk security team found an unprotected instance in Buffalo TeraStation NAS. NAS (Network Attached Storage) — a portable data storage server that provides access to the client base. These devices are quite popular and are easily manageable via HTTP / HTTPS web interface. Buffalo TeraStation NASs are password-protected by default and are ‘the most s...

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Phishing of Crypto Hodlers, Traders, and Stock Exchanges

The crypto community had no other choice but to put up with the fact that there also exists the dark side — a community of various types of scammers and phishers. However, Nikita Knysh — the head of security in Hacken, co-founder of Hacken and HackIT Cybersecurity conference, has a lot to tell about how crypto hodlers are most likely to become phishing victims and what tools should be us...

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