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How white hats protect businesses against cyber crimes.

Top 7 vulnerabilities of 2018

In 2018, cybercriminals stole around $1,5 trillion from companies and users worldwide! Just think of how that money could have been spent with good intentions... Nevertheless, it’s always compelling to look back and analyze the companies’ mistakes in order to learn from them. Hacken decided to recollect the most notorious hacks’ of 2018 and prepare a list of avoidable security vulnerabil...

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Case study: Hacken Smart Contract Audit of EOSBet

Company Name:EOSBet Company Description: EOSBet is a decentralized, demonstrably fair gaming platform on the EOS.IO blockchain. The company offers fun, no fee betting, high-speed games, and an innovative player rewards scheme. Service: EOS Smart Contract Audit 'So far we have received 3 audits from Hacken and have found their work to be consistent, detailed and thorough. We are currently...

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How DOTA Influenced Crypto: SCR Scam

So you wake up one winter morning and notice a friend request with a message «hi! I’m starting a new project, and your friend Sam has recommended you, check the details here : *weird file*». Bet you click it, and bet you won’t notice anything suspicious happening, but meanwhile, your laptop is getting slower and slower.   What actually happened Someone has likely sent you an *.SCR file. ...

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How Sensitive is Your Non-Sensitive Data

In today’s digital world keeping private data like emails, phone numbers, names, addresses or IPs secure from theft or vulnerability is not as easy as putting a lock on a door. With the ability to share, store and transmit sensitive data across computer systems we have created another problem. Even taking all the precautions doesn’t guarantee the safety of your personal information. Ther...

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