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Announcement of the Big Purchase by Hacken

Category: Hacken Ecosystem

Announcement of the Big Purchase by Hacken

Announcement of the Big Purchase by Hacken

It It turns out that you all read our Winter Report quite attentively (thank you!) and naturally attention now turns to the date when the sell orders will be filled on KuCoin. We’re glad to announce that today your curiosity will be satisfied. The date of the first tranche, out of a total of three, is set!

Why are we filling sell orders?

The Hacken ecosystem is based on our utility token, HKN. Initially, we planned that all our services would be purchased exclusively using our crypto. However, Hacken’s services have been in great demand on the market. This rapid adoption of our services has occurred (as mentioned we have partnered with 20 companies around the world) before the release of our main product containing the automated HKN exchange, so we have had to process transactions using Bitcoin and Ethereum instead of our HKN token.

Nevertheless, HackenProof, our tokenized bug bounty platform where the exchange operations will be performed, is going to be released soon. We are therefore buying HKN orders manually to ensure the highest transparency of our operations. We believe that this is the correct approach in order to facilitate the development of our ecosystem and global cybersecurity at whole. Additionally, it is very important to us that we reward our loyal token holders in such a way.

Here are the numbers and dates!

The first tranche will take place on Monday between 2 a.m.. and 2 p.m. GMT+2. The exact time is not given, so as to avoid any market manipulation, and to protect all of our supporters. We are going to fill all sell orders possible, up to a total of 64ETH. The trading pair used will be ETH\HKN, on the KuCoin exchange

There will be 3 tranches in total, and the date of the next one will be announced at the end of next week.

Thank you for your support and trust in HKN!

Stay updated!

Hacken Ecosystem

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