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White Hat Hackers Have Gotten Custom-Tailored Cryptocurrency

White Hat Hackers Have Gotten Custom-Tailored Cryptocurrency

The world is developing each day

The world is developing each day, and to stay competitive and protected, it is necessary to follow these changes. In turn, new challenges call for new solutions and ideas. Some industries arise and gain more demand while others become history. For example, the society starts realizing that a lack of cyber security is above the most actual problems in the modern realities. This fact explains the rapid growth of demand for services represented within the Cyber Security market.

People all around the world realize the necessity to secure their data in the best possible way.

Meet Hacken

Obviously, demand is the primary factor of growing supply. Being the rapidly emerging industry with its own rules and regulations, cyber security came to the new level of the development. On a particular moment, the participants of the industry realized that there is a strong need in a universal currency with high liquidity to order and pay for the services. In turn, cryptocurrency could grant the discussed market with a wide range of advantages to the the Cyb Sec community. It would help the users remain anonymous in their activity, conduct faster transactions, regulate the price on the market, and support its stability. Besides, it should be custom-tailored, especially for the needs of one specific market. Therefore, the idea of creating the new cryptocurrency called HKN is designed to solve this problem.

As a result, the future turnover of HKNs would help the members of the security community to intensify their commercial relations. The new cryptocurrency would satisfy the needs of all the participants by simplifying the available method of paying for the services.

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Usability of HKNs

Being a new cryptocurrency, Hacken is developed for operations in various projects that offers the wide range of services for HKN holders. All of them lies in the field of solving the cyber security issues, but have some peculiarities. All the products of Hacken Ecosystem  would be combined into the stable ecosystem, supported with its cryptocurrency and maintained by the professionals of the industry.

The first unit of Hacken ecosystem elements is targeted entirely to provide the premium level cyber security services to each client. HackenProof is a penetration testing and bug bounty platform on the basis of fair share principle. It is a place where the cyber security professionals meet the blockchain community and other customers having cybersecurity weaknesses with the purpose of the cooperation and support. This marketplace is created and backed up by white hat hackers and offers the highest flexibility and availability on the market.

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Burning the Way to Liquidity

The main competitive advantage of Hacken Ecosystem and cryptocurrency of the same name is the revolutionary burning model of price assessment and volatility control. This model is based on the principle of splitting up all the profits from operations. 15% of each transaction would be sent back to market while the other 15% would be deactivated and removed from the system. You can read more about it here. This model challenges Hacken to be less volatile and would support the demand for this cryptocurrency on a stable level by deactivating half of the tokens. With this approach, the liquidity of Hackens would be constantly sustainable because the system would have a permanently decreasing amount of them. The described option is necessary to keep the price tag of bug bounties and vulnerability testing on a decent level.

The development of Hacken ecosystem would lead to rapid growth of demand for cryptocurrency from both clients and the community. The permanent deactivation of some tokens would let the ecosystem support itself for a longer time and emerge as an independent and self-sufficient one. It would also ensure the future growth of the platform and attraction of the higher amount of white hat hackers to the system.

Hacken Ecosystem

It’s a community-driven business organization, consisting of the HackenHub, HackIT cybersecurity forum, HackenProof bug bounty platform, and Crypto Exchange Ranks.

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