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Why We Have Launched Early Access to our Bug Bounty with the Discount

Why We Have Launched Early Access to our Bug Bounty with the Discount

2017 was notable for some brutal hacks. Unfortunately, 2018 doesn’t promise to be any better. Data breaches, unintended exposures of sensitive information and other tech incidents have already occurred although it is only the end of March. Some were intentional (looking at you, Cambridge Analytical), and some were not (happy that you prevented it, Binance).

That’s why Hacken is working ever so hard to launch our bug bounty as soon as possible to help IT, blockchain, crypto, and any other digital business to protect themselves against black hat hackers. In our Telegram Community, we announced that the Early Access to HackenProof will have certain perks. Now we want to make things official!

Until March 31st, 2018, we’re offering a 20% discount for sign ups on Hacken’s bug bounty. Currently, we’re accepting ETH and BTC as our exchange service is on the development stage (but will be released in no time). Thus, companies which are ready to pay in our utility token HKN will be rewarded for their loyalty with a 50% discount.

Moreover, as we want to raise our brand awareness and support our loyal community members, we have also launched a referral program. Every participant has a chance to earn 100 HKNs for bringing a client to HackenProof. Check the details in our Telegraph.

*Drum Roll* Ladies and Gentlemen, we are glad to release the landing page of HackenProof! Meet it!

All in all, being hacked in a safe environment is quite an advantageous thing: you can learn more about the possible risks and critical vulnerabilities that need addressing. By the way, do you know the difference between penetration testing and red teaming? Stay tuned, stay frosty and learn more.

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